From Script To Screen, The CK Advertising Creative Team Works Full Throttle

There’s a reason CK Advertising is the leading video pre-roll provider in the automotive industry and it happens to be their award-winning copy and production team! The talented men and women of these departments are always pushing the clients’ creative to new limits.

It all starts with a concept, fleshed out by eight of the industry’s most creative and hardest-working copywriters. They work closely with cutting-edge videographers, editors and animators to produce content that not only meets the clients’ expectations, but exceeds them time and time again.


From a $500 budget to a $12,000 budget, no project is too large or small for this team, as they utilize state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading editing software to make every client’s commercial not only memorable, but most importantly, help them sell more cars!

Their drive to be the best at what they do is just one of the many reasons why CK Advertising is the Original TraDigital Agency®